Leanders Warren

by Ann Delight White
(Detroit , MI)

Well ! my prayer request is for my brother -in-Law , Leanders .He lives in Lacombe,La.My sister told me, that he finally told her what was wrong with him .He have cancer and it has begun to spread. She said it's in his throat. He appears to be in alot of pain .
Leanders have a wife and 2 girls.They do not live together.The oldest girl takes care of her mother .Since Hurricane Katrina things really have gotten bad.The house they use to live in is not the same..His wife is not capable of living on her on.Leanders does not have insurance,no kind of ID. I thank God that my sister and her family for showing that they care .She is in the process now trying to seek some kind of help for him.They are in the South and I live in Michigan.It's truly a sad and a difficult sitition.
I was told yesterday about Leanders .I have been praying for him which I had been doing all the time,because of his sitution.Today The Lord put on my heart to fast and pray for him .Just to talk about this I feel full.
I can go on and on but I have got to stop now. Just please add him into your prayers and I'd like to thank you in advance. I pray that God continues to give him the strenght that he need every day and take away the pain .
Once again I'd like to say thank you , and may God continue blessing you all.

P.S I apologize but I don't have any pictures to post.

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