Kerri Burlew

by Lynda Clark
(Mays Landing NJ USA)

I would like to ask our Father in Heaven to give Kerri, the peace of knowing the answers to her deepest thoughts,. I would like him to free her from this burden that she has had to carry around with her, so that she can continue to be healthy enough to help the many people who need guidance through their own struggles with cancer. I know that Kerri is a kind, compassionate Lady, with her eyes on the prize of a cure for all forms of cancer! I now that she would be a
very valuable aide to all those in need, as she herself has fought a a courageous fight of her own! Dear Father show her your love, and mercy while she continues to fight Breast cancer, and remove this evilness from her body! walk hand in hand with her, and give her your strength to continue this fight! Bless her for all who
love her, and keep her here on earth to do the work that may be left undone without her presence! Make her strong for her family, and answer their prayers for the one that they love with all theyr'e hearts! Kerri is
a special human being that can impart so much of her love to the ones who are suffering with this disease!
Dear Lord please answer our prayers for Kerri!
In Jesus's name we pray AMEN!

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