kaylee Blanton

by Louella Music
(Eckman Wva,24829)

My heart is broken as i write this.I'm reguesting pray for my precious little granddaugther,she is having surgery in the morning,she is only six years old,she has neroblastomy cancer.She is in the forth stage,this makes the 5th round ove kemo.So her Doctor is going to try to go in the and try to get the cancer out.It all started on the 12/27/09,when we found out Kaylee had cancer,she had so much energy,and loved school,and is loved by everyone.I go to church,at first when i found out I questioned god,why god,why Kaylee,please let me take her place,i can't bear to see her suffer.But also i know that god can take this cancer out of her.Please pray that he will take charge of this surgery,and lead and guide this Doctor.And pray for her mom and dad also and our whole family.Pray that she will be completely healed,God made our body's and i believe he can fix them also.

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