Just Pray We need a Revival,

Son and Stepdaughter, ARE LIVING A REBELLIOUS LIFE,THEY BOTH HAVE CHILDREN,OUR DAUGHTER IS DIVORCED AND OUR SON HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED.SON has been in jail and totaly lost reality with himself and everyone in the family,blames us. Iam trully concerned with his well beimg I have turned him over to God because I do not know what else to do.DAUGHTER divorced her husband and now lives a secdret life.We get to see the grandbsbies sometimes and it is taking a toll on them.
Things are mounting up on my wife and I and we are just hanging on.Truly need God to show up in our family and our Church it seems everyone is loosing control so many people leaving our church and blaming it on the church.
I do not understand,we love ,serve,tithe,and support our church and nothing is seems to be getting better.

God Bless


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