by Julie
(Georgia, USA)

I am a 42 year old Female and have been suffering wth Liver and Bone cancer for a year now. My primary source for the start of the cancer s unknown and have been told my many doctors that I have a vey unusual case. The cancer has stabilized in the Liver since last December it continues to spread into different location in the bone(Spine- between L2 and L3 discs, it is in the bone, the other spots are on the bone Left pelvic bone, right hip bone on the back and the right hip bone on the front and on my tail bone.. I have done a round of chemo and radiation and an getting ready to start chemo again. I am in lots of pain from the cancer being in the bone but the meds I am on to help control some of that makes me very sick as well as having bad stomach pains. There are many days that I am not able to eat or dring because I am so sick or just am unable to get anything down. I am very strong in my faith but need prayer for strength and healing. I was sick my daughters entire Senior year of High School and would like to be there for her during her Freshman year in college as well as my sons Junior yer of High School.

I know lots of people who have cancer and what the power of prayer can do. God is good and is our creator and he can heal us.

Thank You!!

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