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I'm asking for you to join me in prayer concerning my six children. Their ages range from 28-15. They were brought up in the church and now they have strayed. I also have lost my joy in serving the Lord. The church that I attend is a very small church. I love the people, but my soul desires more! I've been told that my blessings are at that church, but every since I visited another church and had an enjoyable time praising and worshipping the Lord, I yearn for more of this style of fellowship. My 15 yr old daughter loves the Lord, but she refuses to attend the small church.She loves the other church. I'm so afraid of displeasing the Lord.I lost my job 6/23/09 and I haven't worked since! I am very frustated financially. I have put out applications everywhere and to no prevail,nothing! I've prayed, fasted and declared and decreed and still nothing! I also was in an accident. A police car ran into me as I was backing out of a parking spot and the officer was going at a high rate of speed with no sirens or horns or nothing! She lied on me but you can tell by the damage to my car that she slammed into me. My mother and my 15 yr old daughter was also in the car. I ended up with back/shoulder/neck/and inner chest injuries. My mother ended up with head/and neck injuries. My daughter ended up with back injuries. Now this interferes with my job search and that hurts me to no end. Please pray for me and my children. My 21 yr old daughter is living with a young man and it's rumored that he has HIV. She says that he told her that he doesn't have it so she believes him. She dropped out of

school for this guy and she's so talented but she is in denial. Please pray for my 28 yr old son. My son was molested by a trusted church deacon and now my son is living a open gay lifestyle. He credits the deacon for his first kiss! At the age of 10 yrs old. He received the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. He has lost faith in churches as a whole, but he still confesses his love for the Lord. Please pray for him. I have a 19 yr old son in prison. He's due to get out in May 2011. Please pray for his salvation. My 18 is in school, please pray that he completes school. I have a son 26 yrs old. He's in a very unhappy marriage. He refuses to go to work. He goes into rages almost on a daily bases until his eyes turn red, then he starts feeling ill. He feels that he needs to keep an eye on his wife because he doesn't trust her. They have 4 daughters and he has a son with another young lady but his wife doesn't like his son, so he doesn't visit him like he should. My mother lives with me, she is 72 years old. She has a great distrust for people and she doesn't have any hobbies. She is wonderful and she loves the Lord. She desires a husband, but her and my dad are still married. He has no desire to reconcile with her and she is lonely. So am I, I desire a husband, but I feel that I can't have a husband as long as my mom lives with me, so I am basically just waiting on the Lord to move on my behalf. I have been fornication free since 2003!

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