by Cordelia
(South Africa)

Man of God, God knows how much I needed this word. I DESPARATELY need the crossover experience. I am SO desperate for God to move in our situation. I posted in the prayer room the last time my prayer request about us my office giving me until Dec to find another Job. It appears that it might be much sooner that they said. The truth is I have been with this bank now for the past 10 years and I have ALWAYS felt like a fish out of water, I just need to find my water. The past 4 years in this organisation, I have suffered so much pain, I have had 4 unjustified demotions. Its been pain after pain. Daily I would just come to work without knowing what was going to happen. In this organisation, I have know pain, shame and humiliation. But I believe that by the loss of this job God has just broken a 10 years of bondage and none productivity. Although I don’t know what will happen from here, but I feel so joyful and so free. The devil is trying so hard to throw me with thoughts of fear, but my confidence is in GOD. The one who holds my future, the one who knew me even before He placed me in my mother’s womb. All I need now is His Counsel and direction. And I know that He is willing and very well able to a new thing in my life. ISAIAH 43:19. He says He will never allow my foot to sleep, that He will send Angels to orchestrate my steps. I don’t just want any other open door, but I want a door that leads me into my destiny and purpose. I have wasted 10 years already, I don’t want to waste any more second. Please stand in agreement with me until I CROSSOVER . Please lift my family, who needs to understand the step of faith that I am taking, to agree with me and support me in this major decision of trusting upon the Lord

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