I am struggling with depression-wanting to end my life

by Ellen Kenna
(Bellingham, WA, U.S.A.)

I just want to pray that the Lord would deliver me from depression, shame and self hatred and that I could find something to live for and help people in this world the way that Jesus did-I just wish I could see myself with love
I just want to pray that I could be functional again and take care of myself and find the purpose that Jesus created me for

My name is Ellen, I am almost 30, I live in WA state.


Ellen, God loves you. Christ died for you and God has a purpose for your life. I pray that God will touch your mind and grant you understanding of what He desires from you. May the mind of Christ come upon you. May God bless you with peace, with joy, with love. May Gods blessings chase you and overtake you. May God surprise you in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. I rebuke every ungodly voices, I declare that only God's voice shall resonate in your heart in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. I speak life and life abundantly in jesus Name, amen.

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You're more than your depression!
by: Mary Elizabeth

MY dear one,,,I have had depression since I was 16 years old. I have been hospitalized for suicide, I also suffer from Bipolar. I used this illness as an excuse to not want to live, or participate in life, I had become addicted to my depression, it was what I was used to. I had to stop being a victim of this illness, and take charge of my well being, every single day..yes every day,,,I make a decision to be happy, or angry, or sad...I make deals with myself to bribe myself to get out of bed,,,like a nice cup of coffee or tea or a muffin, then those little behavior changes turn to larger ones ...it worked for me,just take one minute at a time, and do the best you can! show the world who you are, don't kill yourself, that's final, and it hurts so many people..do you want that? Pray,Pray.Pray...God is always talking to you, try and listen, baby steps, and you can do whatever you want, just show up for life! God Bless you honey!

Ellen you are worth it
by: Laura

Dear Ellen,
You are wonderfuly made from God. Every person that God has created has a special purspose in life. I too went through darkness when I was younger and at that time I was lost in trying to figure out why such things happened to me. I too was fed up with my life and everything else. It was a friend of mine that helped me to realize that maybe I went through this pain in order to help those who were going through the same thing. I was able to support others in their pain by listening to them and understanding what they were going through. It was thorugh my pain that i helped others and only then did i figure out what my purpose in my life was.

By sharing my stories with others I was able to see that I was naking a difference in someones life cause they knew they weren't the only one who went through hardship. I dont know what you are going through but it sounds like you are lost in what direction to take. My suggestion is to take small steps, beleive in yourself, realize you have a special purpose in your life and all things are possible.Make a large sign and paste it on the mirror saying Im special and everytime you walk past it say it and beleive it. In time you will feel better and your attitude will change. Do not give up it's not worth it. You deserve happiness and you will have it, its now just up to you in how you want to acheive it? Are you willing?

Remember: Jeremiah 29:11 - God has great plans for you even if they may not be evident now, they surely will come to pass.

Jesus is the truth!!!!!!!!
by: sally

Dear sister God loves you,and I love you!!!!!!!!
There is nothing is real in this world other than the love of Jesus. Let him take care of you I pray that all the bad feelings you have is taken away in Jesus mighty name Amen!!!!!!!! Let God fill you with the real love. Dear sister I went through with depression all my life, but God took care of me still. That is the only hope I had. He will bless you with everything Just believe in him blindly. Repend all your since and he will forgive you,and try to read the bible so he will open your mind. Let Jesus heal all your wounds and cleanse you and lead you to his will Amen.
Your sister,

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