Husband rebelling against God

by Wife and mother
(Pacific area)

My husband has been declaring that he is a Christian for many, many years. He is involved in some church work as a leader. I have been a Christian for many years, but only a few years ago blessed with a Holy Spirit baptism and the gift of a prayer language.

My husband has not been baptised with the Holy Spirit yet. We are experiencing several serious challenges in our marital and family life. My husband is rebelling against God and saying that he is not praying. He is also not spending time reading the Bible. He does not accept God as a God of love. Although he says he desires a better relationship with God, he does not make any attempts to earnestly seek after God. He openly opposes many Christian principles in our house and with other Christians not that strong in their faith. Recently I learned about sinful behaviour he has been practising which was very hurtful for me and damaging in his relationship with God. He then confessed to God and I believed he really meant it. However, I believe the only way he can abstain from this behaviour is to remain close to God.

I am experiencing several attacks from the enemy in our family life. I trust God and am interceding for my family in the authority given to my by Jesus. But the spiritual warfare is really, really tough and tiring.

I am asking for someone to come alongside me in prayer to pray for:

1. The Holy Spirit convicting my husband of God's love for him and his need to turn to God and commit every aspect of his life to the one living God.

2. My husband to be baptised with the Holy Spirit

3. My husband to become the spiritual leader in our marriage and family.

4. God's protection over our family.

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