Healing, forgiveness, debt,unity,compassion,peace, love,strength

by Rodney F lopez
(San Antonio TX USA)

Anita Rodriguez (aunt) - in the 3rd stage of blastoma cancer, blood clots in abdominal region, and legs. tumors in brain, lungs, spine, abdominal, and body.
peace and untiy in her family of my aunt. strength for her husband albert rodriguez, healing for her son albert jr, lupus
forgiveness with her brothers and sisters
healing for my mother benita f. lopez for her heart
healing for my father ignacio h lopez for his outbreak of chronic hives affecting his brain
peace and forgiveness with my parents to their brothers and sisters
healing for my nephew eric lee lopez , tumor in brain
healing for my brother thomas f lopez, anxiety, twitching of nerves, depression and bondage from demonic influences
healing for brother ernest f lopez - obesity and blood clot in leg
healing for sister in law gail a, lopez cancerous cells in cervix and uterus
healing for tony flores for kidney transplant and diabetes
unity for god and jesus for lopez family and relatives
financial blessing to pay all my debtors for rodney f lopez
forgiveness for the hurt i have caused to the ones i love the most
strength to overcome my addictions
closer relationship to god and jesus and the holy spririt
peace and untiy at my work
brother robert f lopez for healing in his leg and to be released from prison with a heart changed for god

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by: Clare Stanley

Just Remember that "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD". Every set-back is a set-up for a step up. All the tests we go through is just there setting us up for a great Testimony to once again glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. Stay Blessed and encouraged, your family in Christ all around the world is praying for you.

Clare Stanley
South Africa

Hold on! God is Faithful
by: anon

Hi Rodney

Our God is mighty, he will grant you the desires
of your heart, according to his will.

My prayer is that healing will come in all areas,
for yourself and your family.In the meantime fight back with the
word of God with all of you.My favourite scripture
is psalm 29 verse 11.The lord gives strentgh to his
people and the lord blesses his people with peace.I know sometimes it feels like we pray and it seems like nothing is happening.What i have learned is that our God works supernaturally, sorta like behind
the scenes.He hears your cry beloved...
God Bless!!!!

May God bless you.
by: Anonymous

May God bless and heal your entire family. May your family experience and commit to forgiveness on every level to receive healing. May God bless you Rodney.

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