Healing for our Mother Barbara from Stage 4 colon cancer

by Kim W
(Centennial, CO USA)

Dear Lord, please help our Mother Barbara Candelarie. She has metastatic colon cancer and I am pleading with you dear Jesus to please place your divine hands upon our Mom Barbara to heal & cure her from this cancer & pain. Heal her Lord from any pain, cancer, mass, disease, illness, infection, or infirmity. Let it be your will to restore our mom back to complete & total health & let it be your most holy and divine will for our Mom to live a long, healthy & happy life together with our Dad Tony, Sr. Please Lord don’t let either of our parents suffer from any cancer, health problem or complication. Please Lord they stopped our Mom’s chemo treatments because of toxicity in her liver. Please allow our Mother’s cancer go into complete and total remission and let her CEA tumor marker & liver enzymes come back down to a normal level. Help her Lord to regain her strength & appetite, please bring her potassium & magnesium levels to a healthy stable
level in her body. Rid this weakness & dizziness from her body Lord, please give her strength, faith, hope & love within her heart, mind, body & soul. Don’t let her suffer from any side effects or complications from her chemo or any medical treatment/medication. I ask this in Jesus' most holy & precious name that by the grace of God, you would please dear Lord hear & grant my prayer request. I Love & THANK YOU dear Lord Jesus. Amen.

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