Healing for my aunt Chandra- colorectal cancer patient

Please pray for my aunt Chandra who is colorectal cancer patient on chemotherapy from 19-feb-2008. It has spread to liver and lungs.

She is suffering from constant constipation, tiredness, bleeding from rectum sometimes, depression.

Now a liver surgeon is thinking of surgery. the size of the tumour has increased in size. The treatment plan is not decided yet.

Her financial position is also difficult, having spent a lot on chemotherapy. she has a daughter to marry off. She is planning to sell off her land for paying for treatment. it is not getting done so far.

We have not told about her illness to relatives- except her own sisters, since her only daughter is yet to get married. so it adds to the stress.

please pray for -

1. faith and hope in the LORD to strengthen.

complete cure for her.

2.proper medical treatment.

3. selling of her property- to get a good price.

4. getting financial help.

5. surgery to be successful.

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