Healing and Salvation for David

by Linda Owen
(San Jose, CA)

Prayer Team

Please pray for my husband David he has major heart disease, pulmonary disease, asthma and emphysema he is on all kind of medicines and 2 different kinds of inhalers and keeps having to go to the hospital with pneumonia or a very serious virus that will lead to pneumonia. He seems to be sick every month and the doctors say he can’t continue getting sick and with the swine flu I am so worried please pray for his health that God will touch and heal him. He also needs pray for salvation. He has had 2 major heart attacks and the last one will be 2 years in Feb that left the bottom right side of his heart dead. And at this moment he has another cough please believe with me that it goes away and for his healing. Please remember me in prayer for peace and strength if anything happens to him I wouldn’t be able to make it financially the medical bills has left us in such debt. With his first heart attack we both were out of work so I had no medical insurance for him at the time and how have 150 thousand-dollar hospital bill that I can’t pay. I need a miracle for my husband and myself and for our financials.

Thank You & God Bless
Linda Owen

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Prayer for David for cancer
by: Linda Owen

Please pray for my husband Dave on March 23 we were told he has Pancreas Cancer, it has spread to the stomach, and bone. The doctors say he has 4 months maybe six to live. They have started some chemo hoping it might shrink the mass and make him feel some better but we were told there is no cure. Just a week ago he had to go to the hospital because of breathing problems and they found he has clots on his lungs and now again is on a blood thinner. Blood work was done a they found a infection in his blood in his blood which the doctor say is very serious.
He is not saved I have been trying to talk to him about the Lord and his salvation praying that God would visit him and show him of his healing and saving grace.
I also need a finical miracle with out his SS I will lose my home. I still owe 75 ths. and there is a lean of 150 thousands due to his other medical bills. He also has heart and lung disease had 2 heart attacks the last one little over a year ago was so bad that they couldn't do a bypass or stints. At the time we both were unemployed and no medical insurance.
My son lives with us and wants to help me but he is unemployed and need a job please pray that God would show favor on him for employment. He is currently helping take care of his father which need constant care while I am able to work. I am asking God that he would help him find a least a part time job something that he can work form home so he can continue to help with his dad.
I need prayer for peace and direction and I am believing God for a miracle in my life and my familty.
Thank You
Linda Owen

God is our healer
by: Anonymous

Lord touch David's body and heal his body of all these disease and make him whole in Jesus Name.
Lord your Word says: Pslams 119:73 Thy hands have made me [David] and fashioned me [David] and
Jeremiah 32:27 Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me.

Heavenly Father have mercy and show your loving kindness to Linda & David. Bless and protect them both and their family and bless and protect their health, home, vehicles they ride in, jobs, finances and give them favor. Lord deliver David and Linda out of this situation and let them both be victorious. Lord visit David and show him your salvation. O!Holy Spirit comfort and minister to David and Linda and bring forth scriptures that will minister to them both in all areas of their lives.

Linda Psalms 91 covers all areas of our lives. I confess that over my family, and I also confess healing scritpures. Phil 4: 6-7.

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