Guidance in my current relationship

Dear God, Please continue to walk with me through the vagaries of this relationship. Please send me some sign whether we have reached the end of our Season, or if this is just a bump in our Lifetime journey together. If it is the end of our Season, please give me the strenght and courage to ACCEPT this and move on. It if is a bump on our journey, please give me the openness to understand my partner and to not repeat any mistakes that I may have made. Thank you for bringing me, and us, this far and please continue to be in our lives, even if this may be on individual paths. I love you. Bb

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dear Bb
by: Anonymous

I spent approx 5 years on a rollercoaster of a relationship. There had been infidelity and abuse in the r'ship My husband also left me time and time again to care for my children with very little money or resources.
I surrendered my whole life and marriage to my Lord and asked him to reveal to me whether or not I was supposed to stay married.
Once I finally stopped asking God to change my husband and started asking him just to work in my life and look after me, things started happening.
I can't tell you exactly WHAT happened, or give you a period of time. All I can tell you is that I KNEW that I had not been released from my marriage and so I gave the details to God while hearing and obeying what he was telling ME to do in my OWN life.
My marriage is now the most fantastic marriage EVER! Nobody would EVER be able to tell what we have been through. God is the great restorer!
My prayer for you is that our Lord and Father will help you to lean on him, that HE will be your partner in your marriage while you are feeling so alone in it, that you will go to Him with all of your hurts and allow Him to guide you into the right actions/reactions.
Your marriage is a covenant before God which God takes seriously. So allow God to do the work that needs to be done while you rest in Him.
Love and blessings x

May God bless you.
by: Anonymous

No matter what happens the relationship that you have with God is the best one that you will ever have. Rely on Him.

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