Good Health

Please pray that me, my spouse, children, and family be protected from cancer and other diseases. Give us the strength and will to take care of our bodies.

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Jesus is our healer
by: Anonymous

This a confession of faith written by Gloria Copeland, and she offers others also on their website. You can mediate on Psalms 91 and the healings scriptures Jesus performed in the new testmanent Matt, Mark, Luke & John. By Jesus stripes we are healed.

You say; Jesus is my healer
He bore my sicknesses and my diseases and pain
I expect to receive now.
Pray this prayer in faith and mean it with your whole heart
Accept it and believe it!

Father, the word of God, that I have heard and confess is the power of God unto my salvation
I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over my life, spirit, soul and body
I receive the power of God to make me whole,
sound, deliver, saved and healed now
I act on the word of God and receive His power

Sickness, disease and pain
I resist you in the name of Jesus
You are not the will of God
I enforce the word of God on you
I will not tolerate you in my life
Leave my presence,
I will never allow you back
I have been healed and made sound
Jesus made me whole
My days of sickness and disease are over

I am the saved, I am the healed and the power of
sickness has been forever broken over my life
Jesus bore my sickness
Jesus bore my weakness
Jesus bore my pain and I am free
No sickness, no sin, no fear, no evil addiction
shall lord it over me any longer
I have been redeemed from the curse
and I receive the blessing
I proclaim my freedom in Jesus name

The gospel is the power of God to me, unto my salvation
I receive the gospel, I act on the gospel and I am made whole in the name of the lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer by Gloria Copeland
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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