God's Intervention in my life, finacial and Relationship

by brenda wanga

praise the Lord, am a born again christian and i love Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I have a problem, there is this man we met through internet, we exchanged contacts, and we communicate like almost every hour, he is in malasyia and am in Kenya. We agreed that i go to malasyia so that we can meet since we haven't met in person but i couldnt raise any money as we agreed, so he said its ok and that i give him time to organize himself to raise money and send me for the ticket, i agreed and he requested that i be patient and wait for him. I know that he loves me but am not sure if i will ever meet him, i have prayed to God to give me any vision if is a good man or any reason to live him, but the dream i had was telling me to be patient. I love this man but i dont know if will ever meet? if i should wait for him as he requested? am realy confused please i realy need prayers and advise please

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