God to perform a miracle to heal my brother of cancer

by Brian Ng
(Hong Kong)

Yesterday, my 30-year old brother, Benedict, shockingly discovered that he has something called Transitional Cell Carcinoma, a form of cancer, in his left kidney. After seeing that his urine was red in color several days ago, he went into the hospital yesterday for several screens and today received the diagnosis from the urologist. The doctor, who is also a family friend and fellow Christian, believes that radiation and chemotherapy may have a limited effect on quickly stopping the potential spread of this cancer and recommended a more aggressive approach: surgical removal of the effected kidney. As of now my brother is scheduled for operation this coming Friday. We also are not sure whether the cancer has already spread to other parts of his body since the screens were more localized around his kidney area; he is scheduled for a full MRI screen tomorrow on Monday.

It so happens that my mother is currently in Hong Kong and was preparing to return to Chicago this coming Wednesday but has since delayed her return indefinitely in order to take care of my brother, who is projected to spend 3-4 weeks post-operation to recover. My mother appears extremely fazed after the news and has not been herself all day. My brother had Hotchkin's Disease (a form of Lymphoma cancer) when he was only several years old and during that time my mom lost her ability to speak due to the undue stress and fear she went through. She had to go through an operation herself in order to release her vocal chords for her to verbally communicate again.

I firmly believe that even in the midst of this saddening news that we have to continue our praise and honor for God. I also believe that Jesus can still perform miracles and eradicate this cancer before the operation. Whatever happens, whether God wills the removal of this cancer or not, I know that we must continue to act in a manner glorifying to Him, put our trust in Him and use this as an opportunity to testify His goodness. Even through suffering, we are assured of the hope that is in Jesus Christ and we have to share that.

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God is able
by: Anonymous

I can Honestly say i was able to leave Calif.(my brother Jeff) and come home to North Dakota with Great Peace because God is in Control.
He is fighting lung cancer.God is able to Heal. thelma

prayer for miracle
by: Anonymous

We praise you that you sent your Son Jesus to show your great love for us.
We thank you that this brother is trusting you to intervene in his own brothers life and health. Father, we stand with him in asking for a miracle for his brother. We also ask for peace and comfort for his mother. Thank you Father for hearing our prayers. Thank you Father for the answers you are sending to this family. We love you Lord.In the name of the Lord Jesus we ask.

May God bless you.
by: Anonymous

May God have mercy and healing for your brother and may God peace be with your mother at this very difficult time. God is always with us.

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