Giving thanks to God for all that he has done so far in our lives.

by Jacqulyn

I want to thank the Lord for all that he has done so far in my life and other lives. I know that he is doing a great job in every situations. All we need to do is pray more because prayer changeth all things. God is a good God and he is doing a whole lot so we need to give all the glory and the honor and the praise to him that he deserves.

Thank God I could meet upon a prayer team like Bro Chester and his family always praying for the sick. I always do too even if I don't know the names of persons. I have friends who have cancer and I keep praying for them too. I want to thank you and your family Bro Chester for praying for everyone that is sick within. I just want God to continue to give you and your family Bro Chester, the strength each and everyday to pray continuously. Thank the Lord for health and strength in our everyday of life and I wish for you and your family Gods richest blessings and thank you again Bro Chester for your wonderful work of praying for persons. I have suggested this prayer line to all of my friends on face book and I know god will come through for everyone. Thank the Lord again in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

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