francisca b monasterial

by beth
(san diego california)

Pls pray for my mother asap, she was diagnosed with cancer. Pls help us thru this family tradegy specially my mother that has suffered a lot most of her life; she raised the three of us by herself. My father left us all when I was 10 years. I witnessed all of her sacrifices and sufferings for us. We are really poor in the Philippines and I know that God help us in all aspects in our lives. She is a very loving, kind and gentle person.
We have had tons of family problem lately, and I knew that because of the stress in life, you can have cancer or any kind of diseases. Oh most holy trinity, we are begging you to help us all. Pls forgive us for all the sins we all have committed. Put your love and peace towards our hearts especially to my sister in law for my brother, they are having some marital problems right now. Pls help us thru this hardship including our jobs stability. God, pls provide everything that we need our right. Thank you, thank you.

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