Forgiveness is the most difficult thing that most christians and not able to meet. Most time, we say we have forgiven, but still we have some hitches in our hearts. We end up even having more pain when we see the person who offended us.

I want to ask this question, when you forgive, must get back to a friend who betrayed you; or you forgive and forget about him/her? How should we deal with this issue?

Help me.

God bless you all my brethren

Prayer Team

Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting our site and your question is a great one.

If your friend, that whom you forgive, is one you can easily meet share your forgiveness with them. If you can call and say it over the phone, that is still okay.

Just remember, you may even be on the correct side (Like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) but your objective is to grant that dear one forgiveness. Even if they accuse you or try to justify themselves, just forgive and God in heaven will be pleased with you. You will also need to ask God for the grace to forgive and forget. God throws our sins into the sea called forgetfullness. Do the same and HE will shower you with His love. God loves those who immitate Him.


Bro. Chester

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