For my Brother

by Lora

I am asking you to pray for my brother. Pray that Jesus will open the door to his happiness. I have never met a parent who cares for his children as he does. A while back his wife decided to leave him because she was tired of being a parent and having no time for herself,then a few months later his young son had emergency surgery to remove a brain tumour. My brother stayed in the hospital for 7 months with his son making sure his son was never alone as his son went through chimo and other treatments. His other child is older who does work but makes just enough to put gas in his car to get to work. My brother said as a parent you have to put yourself second and put your child first in this situaiotn because you never know what the road lies for his son. He said at least I was always there by his side when he was scared. Well, he had to give up his house because he couldn't keep up with payments because he couldn't work as he was in the hospital.He said he feels like a failure for his children because he does not have a place to stay. They are staying with my parents but my brother is getting depressed. I told my brother that Jesus has seen all his sacrifices that he has done for his children and things will start to work for him. I am asking you to pray that he finds work to be able to find a place for the kids and himself. Prayers that his child will be healed in Jesus name and I pray that Jesus will let my brother know that he did a great job as a parent to care for children during this trial time. His child is out of the hosptial but is still continuing treatments. Thank you for your prayers.

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