For healing and letting go of things that has happen in my life

by Yolanda Burch
(Kansas City, Mo, USA)

Hello, My name is yolanda r. burch, i'am a single of one child, xavier r. ford, i been married once in my life and my marriage did not work, he left me with the house and walkout, i need prayer to keep the home for me and my son, at this time since he been gone for 3yrs my house payments are over 14000 behind and i been working all my life doing right and even working two job to make things in my life work, i'm working from pay check to pay check just to make my ends meet, i just need a prayer that bank of american can help me to hold on the the house and make the payment to keep the home for me and my son. i also need prayer for god to help me understand that i should not get upset when i see everyone else in there life seem to be doing good, there always traveling and doing things, but for me i can't becuase i have to take every penny i have to go tho the house and bills just to eat and keep lights on, i cry all the time because i feel life has not been fair to me,and i would love to do things also, i have been trying to find the right person to date but every time i find someone he does me wrong and i can't get over it and take it so hard, that i can't let go, i want to pray that god teach me to be still and let him work in my life, and find someone for me. This is my hardest problem is feeling like i just got to have someone in my life to make me hold. i'am 42yrs old and i feel like i will never find someone for me, and only me. Please pray that God helps me because there are so many times that i just want to give up, but my son is my reason for been here, and i want to know it is more then just that.

thank You
Yolanda Ronette Burch

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