Financial Blessings

Hi All,

I am currenlty trapped in a web of debt and dont know how to get out. I do tithe, now and again as sometimes the budget is too tight to accomodate the tither as well.I have been blessed with a God Faring Man, who seems to be in the same situation, who plans to marry me. He is a business man, and it seems like everytime he is close to closing a big deal, he looses it. He has been shortlisted for a huge deal with the govenment, would like for you to help us, break this curse, and aks God to be with him and bless him with this deal...we are on a fast from today up until Sunday, and would really pray for God to keep our faith strong, and know that the deal is his already...Personally I am praying for a debt free life, financial freedom, a happy marriage, a peaceful life and to be a good sister, and mother...Blessing to you all

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