family situations

by jean

Dear prayer team thank you for your prayer concerning our mini-bus it was found the following day . But it is still in the garage and the brother in law does not want to hand it over But the lawyer told us to take it from the garage and ordered the mechanic to hand it over to us. there are a lot of obstacle in the way . we want to pray that these obstacles be removed and that the bus be restored to us,because my husband is sitting home without a job and is fustrated because he cant provide for his family Thank you for your prayers.

Also i have a student at the mental hospital(Neakeal)
last term when school ended she started acting weird. she was taken to a spiritual leader who said it was a deamon. Her parents never did follow up checks for her total deliverance she was taken to the mental and she looks bad please help me pray for this young child only 16 years old.

My sisters husband needs serious prayers for salvation He drinks alot and behaves abnormal. My sister is a christian she prays for his conversion but she needs help to pray Their only daughter has gone out in the world and it breaks my sisters' heart We believe it is prayers alone can solve these situations

Thank you

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