Family - Guidance & Strength

I am requesting that you pray for my strength. My husband is involved with another woman whom he now has a relationship with. I ask that good guides me an leads me in the direction that he wants me to go. I ask that my husband is shown that what he is doing is wrong and that the woman he is with realizes that also.

I pray for guidance and strength

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by: Anonymous

i am going thru the exact same problem..only that it's affecting my son..I pray that God will let my husband see the pain he is causing our family and hope that woman will realized that my husband is not the man that God has sent to her.

by: Anonymous

Dear Heavenly Father We pray that you will be with your daughter in her time of distress please guide her and help her to make the right decisions for her life.Please let her feel your love for her.
Thank You Heavenly Father for all our blessings that we have received and all that you will bless us with in our future.

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