Faith/Peace/Wisdom/Happiness and Patience.......

by Febbie Proctor

Prayer Request-

Hello my name is F. P. from MD, my prayer requests are for Peace/Wisdom/Faith/Happiness/ Patience/Energy and Health. I pray for a secure job promotion for me and my husband, where we’re both are happy and enjoy working together. I’m praying we both have agape love for one another and for great health, for financial freedom and our side home base business “Nussential” will progress soon were we’re able to send our kids to college and enjoy life and take nice vacations without being financial hurt.

I’m praying to be comfort with speaking in a small/large group and comfortable doing presentations. I’m praying that the good word will continue to be inbound in us and we pour seeds into our family and friends life. Thanks.

F. P.

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