Evangelist Prince Philips

by Evangelist Prince Philips
(Monrovia, Liberia)

I have always said that God has a good plan for his people but it is the inability of them to see the things good that God has made available to us. Health is our heritage and as such must be seen in the lives of believers. We need to see it, act it, believe it, and the we will receive it. Matthew 8:17, gives us a clear picture that we not ignore the fact that Jesus Himself took away our infirmities. Thank God that Jesus nailed all our diseases on the cross of calvery; Isa. 53:5. For this reason, we can boldly say," I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord( PS. 118:17) I want to give everyone who truly trust God the guarantee that as long you are part of God's kingdom, it is your redemptive right to enjoy divine health and length of days. EXO. 23:25-26, Jer. 33:6, III John 2, ISa.53:5.


I declare, by the living word of God and the truth that spare my own life from satanic harassment of poor health, to set you free from every sickness that seems to threathen your life. God is a good God and He is not the one behing your trouble but He has the answer to it. From today, you can count on Him for your miracle. "With God all things are possible. Wake up and stop pitying yourself but rise up in faith and claim what is rightfullly yours. " I shall not die" is your name from this moment foward. Receive your miracle, deliverance, good health, victory in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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Health is a covenat benefit from God

Prayer for someone

Father in the precious name of Jesus, I lift up my voice as your covenant child, to pray for someone that is in need of a miracle. According to your word, from Exodus 15:26, you said you are the God who heals and you can not lie. I stand on your word as a covenant right as I intercede for them and claim total health for someone right now. Lord you promised us that if we ask anything in your name according to your will and believe in our heart, you will surely give it to us. Upon this principle of the truth, anyone that is made in your image and likeness that is held in captive by any form of satanic harassment, I set them free today in the name of Jesus, the son of the living God. I declare by the living word of God and the power that worketh in me, that from this moment forward you are set free from every form disease and sickness from the pit of hell.

? Enjoy total health in Jesus precious name!
? Receive the liberty of good health that redemption offered in the name of Jesus!
? The curse of the wicked one is broken in the name of Jesus name!
? Your heritage of health is restored from now and evermore in Jesus name!
? ?I have come that you may have life?, is you portion in Jesus name!
? You will experience total peace in all the days of you life in Jesus name!
? I infuse faith in your life from today and forever in Jesus name

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