Esterlina Leal

by Jezie Leal
(Manila, Philippines)

She is such a wonderful mom, She's my best friend. May She survive this brand new battle and May her breast cancer re-occurrence be healed. My mom is 61 years old and have multiple cases. She have a breast Cancer, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. She is living a hard life. After the operation she can't barely move her arms and it saddened me to see her in pain. May God Help her with this new battle!

Prayer Team
God we pray for Esterlina, please touch her and heal her. The doctors have done their best but God You are the Greatest Doctor, please intervene. We believe that by the stripes of Jesus Christ we are healed, Father help. You say in Jeremiah 30:17 you will heal us and restore us, God please do it we pray.
I pray for the family, that you comfort each one and also God you whisper peace to each one of them. Please provide for them financially also.

Thank You Lord in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Bro Chester

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