Edward - Cancer of the bladder

by Bobbie
(Riverside, CA)

Ed is my husband. We just found out he has cancer of the bladder, level 3, which is malignant and is spreading to his muscles. He is a fire fighter who takes great pride in his job, never taking it for granted and always giving 100% to his job and his family, most particularly our children and grandchildren. He was set to fully retire in about two years as we have a daughter in college who should graduate about that time. He had been counting down the days until he could enjoy his retirement that he has worked towards for so long. We got pitched this curve, but I know that in God's loving mercy, we will get through this. I ask that you pray for Ed's healing. We have a consultation appointment coming up soon, and I ask that you pray for the doctors and all those involved in Ed's care, as well as for all other cancer patients. I also would like to ask if you can pray for me and my family, too, as I know we will face many challenges. Thank you, and may God bless you every day.

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