by Sheila Danne durham

Please pray that God will heal me. I have recently been through a long depression and anxiety. I was feeling some relief but now I feel like I am sinking. I have had a lifelong battle with bipolar.Pray that if it be God's will he will heal me.
thank you,

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Trust God
by: jermaine neblett

My friend to be depressed is not anything strange to us belivers.Elijah the man who called down fire from heaven ask God to take his life after Jezibell wanted to kill him,but God took him into the wilderness and he was feed by a raven the point is that in the new covanant we live by spirit as its written its not by might or by power but my spirit says the Lord.When Elijah said that i left alone and they seek my life the Lord comfort him by saying i have reserve 7,000 men who have not bowed down to baal so when we are in this spiritual wilderness God feed us his word and he comforts us with the holy spirit.We have be still and let him work it out for us victory is must and we are more than conquers through Christ that love us we dont have to fight the devil because Jesus defeated him already we just have obey the Lord and stand on his word.IN the mighty name of Jesus i speak aganist the spirit of depression be destroyed by the power of the holy spirit i pleed the blood of Jesus Christ on you amen.

Prayer for Sheila
by: Anonymous

Sheila, I suffer from depression also. i have been on medication for almost 10 yrs now. but recently, i was having suicidal thoughts. Then I called on the Name of Jesus. and i no longer have those feelings of suicide. So my word to you is whenever you feel overwhelmed with depression, just breathe the precious name of Jesus. over, and over, and over, until you feel a release. This is what gets me through my daily life battle with my depression. also, remember to replace that negative feeling with a positive action. do something you find relaxing, read the Word, work with crafts, what ever gets you through that depression. I will be praying for you, and ask you do the same for me.
Love in Christ our Lord, Brenda

By His Stripes u r healed
by: Anonymous

Pray that you will receive your healing in Jesus Name. By His stripes you are healed(1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:5). Trust in the Lord and He will heal you cos he is faithful to His word. (Proverbs 3:5-6). Jesus Christ is the Lord, King and Saviour. He is also the Prince of Peace and the He will fill you with His peace, the peace that transcend all understanding (Philipines 4:7).

May His unfailing love rest upon you (Ps. 22:33).

In Jesus Name.


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