by Ellen Kenna
(WA state, USA)

I pray the Lord would remove the suicidal thoughts and supernaturally heal me from wanting to isolate, being unable to funtion, despair, misery and self hatred. I pray that the Lord would destroy whatever spirits/spirit that has come against me that is not of Jesus. I pray for mental relief, for physical and mental strength, for a job, for a purpose, for the ability to not only function but to thrive, for my life to serve others and the will of Jesus.
I pray that the Lord would heal the hole in my heart and the dark thoughts in my mind that I dont think are from me, that I would be loved and cherished, and that whatever experiences that lead to me not caring about myself that Jesus would Restore me and make me a strong warrior for Christ. I pray that the lord would allow me to feel joy and care about things and people in my life again. (Not possesions, but things like nature and art..

I pray that I would succeed and find a way out of this please help I am so tired of feeling suicidal..

I pray that I would be restored mentally and physiclly in Jesus name, that my joy would return and I could use it as testimony for Jesus, that I would not die but live and help others come to Christ, in Jesus Holy name, Amen.

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by: jacqueline cole

My friend I to suffer from depression and anxiety and panic attacks and I also try to hold on to my job and try to do my daily chores at home. I know it is hard but we need to look around and thank God for what we do have and continue to pray for healing and believe that God will heal us one day of this sickness, because it is a sickness. Let's start enjoying the smalll things that we never took time to notice and thank God for those things as long as God keeps us living we have a chance through him to have a new beginnig and a new life with him. Rebuke the devil in the name of our God. He wants us not to see what God does for us and wants us to believe we will not make it but we will we just have to have the faith and patience

Don't give up
by: Anonymous

I believe Jesus is under your wing and will always be there to guide you but sometimes there may be times when you may need to speak to others in dealing with the feelings and thoughts of suicide. Sometimes in life people may have went through something ugly and carry the feeling of unwanted. Speaking to someone may help you to realize that you were made by God for a purpose in life and is needed in the world. I know there are hot lines that you can call for help in times of those thoughts. Do not give up, with inner belief, trust from God, determination to suceed and guideance from professionals you can over come this. May everything work out for you

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