Deliverance from anger and depression

by Edie Mller
(Fort Myers, Florida)

I just need prayer for deliverance from anger and depression. I am ashamed to say my walk is wavering very bad. Unlike ever before. Please pray for me.

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Wife states she might have cancer
by: Anonymous

Recently, on january 12, my mom died of pneumonia. I begged God to give her another 40 years. She relapsed and died of cancer. My wife also had pneumonia, and was in the hospital in early January. My life has been a life of torment. All summer nothing happened now whamo. Now, they claim on top of my wife having pneumonia they see she has spots on her right lung inside and out. She is constantly snapping at me, she nasty every night to me, has been that way before Christmas. I can't take anymore of this stuff, why Me? She states she is hyper that is why she is doing this. I did nothing to deserve this treatment. It is one thing after another. I have always believed all things are possible to him that beiieveth, and I believe God's word that whatsoever you believe in prayer you shall receive. My wife was not hyper like this a few months ago. She was sweet lovable, now it is like she is super aggressive, abnd she curses constantly, she needs deliverance from these problems, like quickly and angry, she says she is not angry, ok so why are you talking like you are. And I need you to pray God will deliver her. I am not Theodore Roosevelt where he lost his mom and wife the same day.

This is not fair to me, especially lost my mom.The more I trust God and believe the more this happens, even though I know the devil is defeated, When is this all going to end. Plus, she has eight herniated discs in her spine.

Then she has bowel problems, arthritis, she is losing weight she is a spirit filled christian but need to get of habits, and needs to be healed. Plus, she has melonoma. nodulas on her thyroid. She can't walk due to this, and she does this every two years. She is one way for a year or so, then it is like something happens to her, and she changes. to this super aggressive personality. Please pray for her healing, deliverance quickly and pray for our finances that God will move us to Lancaster California and provide a good home and good job.

God you are a healer Dear Lord, intervene in this case. Let healing come forth and release finances to your dear one in Jesus Name, Amen. Jeremiah 30:17

Peace be with you,
Bro Chester

God word stands

MY friend as its written be he angry but sin not,God could be tuch by your anger its a human expression and most of the servants of God suffer from depression Elijah call down fire from heaven,yet when the wicked queen treatened to kill him he ask God to take his life.Thanks be to God we are no longer servants but children of God through Jesus.IN the name of JESUS CHRIST i bring ever form of depression and anger to the obedience of Christ amen.

Deliverance from anger & depression
by: Anonymous

First to get rid of the anger that you have is forgiveness no matter what truly forgive let go and let God. And that depression will flee from you. It worked for me.

been there done that!
by: kelly

Prayer and fasting my friend. Keep the faith and only think on positive things and say only positive things. trust me this makes a world of difference! Proverbs 23:7 says "what a man thinks so is he!" If you think you are angry you will be! Tell yourself you are happy and you are not angry or depressed anymore! Command back your joy the devil has stolen from you its not his never was dont let him get away that easily!!!!!!!!!!!!

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