Deliverance from a mental ill girlfriend

I ask that you join in prayer and believing in Jesus Name - that I am surrounded by guardian angels - to protect me mentally, physically, emotionally from a girlfriend of mine that needs help desperately - She has such severe mental, emotional problems - she has lied to her family, friends , coworkers for so many years - they all tried to warn me - but I continued on because I felt sorry for her - now she has once again shown me - she is as sick/worse than she's ever been - At times she can act like a Christian woman on fire for The Lord - in the same hr - turn into Satan him self - Being around her is not good for my search for peace - I ask in Jesus Name that all ties are severed - never to see her or speak to her again - True girlfriends do not treat one another this way - I rebuke the ploy of Satan in this matter - set me free - from all communication with her forever....I appreciate you joining in prayer/belief with me - Thank you, God bless you - Betty

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