Debt free and business ideas.

My prayer is for God to help me to pay off a bank loan that has gone bad.
Also that God should open Financial doors to me.
I need God to grant me unique business ideas that will create great prosperity, being financial, physical, health etc for my generation and generations to come after me.

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thank you for support
by: johannes

It is my sincere appreciation for the encouragement these past few months that I recieved from you after I requested prayer for my brother in law. The article on lung cancer was really inspiring.
My brother in law David was not a believer but it was my priviledge to lead him to the Lord after he got back from Ireland where he worked.
He found peace with God and was so much at peace. He passed away very peacefully and what was so amazing he was looking forward to be with the Lord.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank eveeryone who was with me in this quest,
Thank you so mush

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