Daughter of zion warring in the spirit , I am Interessors for my family and the body of christ etc

by Carlita
(Bedford Heights Ohio USA)

I have joined your prayer on the internet i came pass this website because the doctor said my mother has colon cancer. I dont believe the doctors report i believe God report. my dad is a paralegic due to two strokes and he has dementia said health staff. I am married and my husband left me for another woman in another city. I have forgiven him and look for his soon return. Satan has tried to attack me in my body with diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure etc and I lost my job in March 2009. I am going thru a lot of stuff. I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me. I have ministry in me I want to help Children and Hurting Women. I want to do some reassessment in Prisons. I have a heart for the homeless, hurting,and sick people. I have a daughter who is in the ministry. My sister has a love for elderly people. My daughter has a love for children,women and the theater etc. There is a lot of ministry in my family. My mother writes poems, have done a lot of speaking presentation in her youth. She has teaching ability and can minister out of that. My daughter says she has a lot of wisdom. I believe my husband has ministry in him. He has a love for children. We are grandparents etc. Please pray for my gifted family that the devil is trying to steal, kill, and destroy. I will fight a good fight of faith. I will most definitely win this battle. My pastor teaches us how to fight in the spirit. I am blessed with one of the best churches in town.

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