Daphny Laurence

by A Friend

Daphny is our colleague at work and is going through a trial due to ovarian cancer. She is loved by so many and we miss her so much. Her faith is strong and her spirit is lively. We would love to contribute and enhance her connection with this special part of her with prayers.

Her health is touch and go. She has good days and bad days. She's in the hospital in medium care. She's mother to twins, two beautiful girls 9 years old. May God grant her health to see her girls grow up.



Father, O, Most Loving Saviour,
You have heard the cries
Of Your faithful servant Daphny,
A woman loved by many,
Who spreads love to others
By living Your message each day.
She is a mother
And has such a caring relationship
With her children.
Remain with her in her hour of need,
And remove this cup from her.
Let her see a new day
Filled with Your grace,
Filled with Your love,
Filled with Your peace,
And health.
In Jesus Faithful Name.

Jeremiah 32:27
John 14:14
Luke 1:37

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