Career Transition and Road of My 21 Yrs Old

by Sira Burton
(Douglasville, GA, USA)

I am at my wits end. I am now numb. To give you a short version, I work at a private known college. I've been through 3 VP's, on my 3rd Dean, 2 program coordinators and a host of Exec. Admins for the VP. I'm still here. I've gone back to school and got my Associated and Bachelors degree. My 21 yr old has to opportunity to attend private college tuition free. My concentration with my Bachelors is Human Resource Management. This is the field I want to get into. I am currently the assistant for the Dean of Students. It's hard breaking into this field because I have no on the job training. It seems as if no one wants to take a chance on me. They want 2yrs plus experience. I belong to HR orgs. I talk to ppl that I think can help me. I feel like I watch people come and go in my dept while making more money and I'm wondering when is it my turn.

My 21 yr old daughter lives with me when not in school. She has major issues about her dad. The car she's driving is paid by him. She doesn't work. (searching) But she is so very angry. She has a very bad attitude. I see it gettign worse. When she is in the house the energy turns tense and fragil once she gets upset. I have been there for her throught it all. I've talked until I'm blue-gray in the face. I've given her chance after chance. I can't do it anymore. I feel like it?s taken out on mey. She told me she is bisexual and proud of it. She has "Pride" tattooed on her back with a rainbow butterfly. I've got problems dealing with that lifestyle. I also work around it everyday.I don't like the lifestyle. Her attitude is horrible. I have an 11 yr old who see's her lack of respect for the household. I've asked my daughter to leave my house if she can't go by the rules and have no strife peace and love. But I've realized my daughter has been angry for a long time. She blames all that she is on her dad not being there for her. She doesn't seem to let it go or try to fix it with herself or him. He is in his 60's and not very bright. Not open or flexible. It's his way or no way. Everyone says I did well trying to raise her by myself. I feel like she is self destructing in front of me. I've always prayed for her and more stuff is happening. God has her know. I'm too stressed and I have to raise my son.
I'm grateful that in this time I still have a job. I went back to school to better myself and to do something I like and make more money. I'm trying to do better and I'm ready for a career change. I don't enjoy what I do and haven?t for the last 4 years. I need an opportunity so I can learn.
I?m 45 and never been married. Thought I found someone (dated for 2 years) I saw red flags and ended the relationship. I don't want to be 50 when I get married but I am still waiting. I do want to be married. I am not doing the searching. I learned my lesson a long time ago.

I need help. I will continue to pray to God but I am also asking for your help.

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Message of Hope
by: Anonymous

Hi, My heart goes out to you.
Your daughter sounds like she has a mood disorder, she needs to see a Doctor, & talk about the stuff going on in her head. She needs a well balanced diet, with exercise & the message of Hope.
We pray that she will develope spiritual eyes, instead of seeing through the physical. Hope brings about change. That she sees this as a season of growth & change, opportunities to learn & pay attention & that she is being prepared for great things ahead of her, God has her in the palm of his hand, and bigger openings will happen for her, as she leans into him.

He sees your tears, he loves you...
by: Anon

Hi sira

In this life we will have many troubles, but behold Jesus has already overcome, so in him we can too overcome. The word God also says, seek first the kingdom of heaven and ALL his rightheousness, and he will GIVE you the desires of your heart, Surrender all that you are to him my sister, glorify him with
your life, and GOd will do the rest...
God Bless....

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