A Cancer Patient Testimony.

The Story of Connie.

This is a Cancer Patient Testimony. An email from one of our dear friends shared a testimony that I could not hold to myself but had to ask her to share with all our friends on this site.

I have decided to copy the whole communication and I hope that as you read it you will ultimately give all the glory to God for his goodness.

Hello, Chester !

.....a pleasure to reciprocate as you were praying for our lovely daughter-in-law, Connie, who has beaten cancer. She could not have done it without all the prayers going up for her and her wonderful fighting spirit. Allow me to pass on two letters we received from her – the first one will leave you gasping when you look at the YouTube movie…

Hello again,

Since we last chatted there have been some amazing developments. As you know Mark and I went away for a couple of days to Durban over the long weekend it was really time for us to recollect and get in touch with nature and ourselves. On our travels we discovered Oribi Gorge on the South Coast and what a magnificent place with breathtaking views.

Have you ever hugged a tree? Well I did, I find myself doing things that I would never have done before I was diagnosed with cancer. It is an incredible feeling, I felt the very life in that tree and I totally connected with nature, I got Mark and my sister Sharon to experience it and they felt it too.

I have always had a fear for heights but decided if I can fight cancer then I can do anything! So I took the plunge, - The Oribi Gorge Swing – the highest in the world!! 110m drop – equivalent to a 50 story building (Carlton Centre) and I DID IT!!!!!

Honestly I must tell you I was petrified and when I stood on the edge of the cliff I had second thoughts, but it was too late and before I knew it I was free falling in mid air. I know I stopped breathing on my way down, trying to catch my breath and every muscle tensed up but once I was swinging it was such an exhilarating feeling. It was the first and definitely the last time for me, It’s the sort of thing you only do once in a lifetime.

I did it for everyone fighting cancer to show that we are conquerors of our worst fears, we are survivors and we can do ANYTHING!!! Viva you courageous people!!!

To experience this moment view this youtube video of the jump..

I did some scary rock climbing, living on the edge kinda stuff, well that was after my jump, I had finally conquered my fear for heights!!!!

Please share this with everyone you know who has cancer, I hope this will encourage them in some way.

God bless


And then a few days afterwards:

I’m singing and dancing, shouting for joy and exhibiting enormous signs of happiness , if you didn’t know me you would think I am as mad as a hatter.

NOW............ let me tell you why so that you can also exhibit enormous signs of happiness too and everyone around you will also think that you too are as mad as a hatter!!

I went for another sonar scan and ALL the lesions (tumors) in my liver are GONE! YES GONE, DISSAPEARED, VANISHED, NON EXISTENT! Just in case you didn’t get it the first time around.

The Radiologist couldn’t believe it, he must have spent more than 30min making sure because they were there 2 months ago. I told him it’s a miracle and reminded him of our last conversation that I am busy going into remission. NO more cancer!
(What a glorious cancer patient testimony)
I have attached the sonar dated 17 March 2009 where the lesions were still visible and attached is the latest report where there is absolutely NOTHING. Also on 15 Nov 2008 I had a chest x-ray where they said there was a spot on my lung between the 6 and 7th rib, see for yourself the latest report of the x-ray which shows that there is NO metastatis disease visible. How great is that!!!! Click here to view the X-Rays - A cancer Patient Testimony

Yes, the chemo has played a big role in doing it’s work BUT I give God ALL the honour and glory for this miracle and I want to THANK YOU ALL for your prayers because they have been answered.

Today I saw my oncologist, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. On the way in we met our very special friends Charles and Lorraine in the reception area, they have both been through the treatment regime, sadly Charles’s tumor markers are up again and has to undergo more tests with the possibility of surgery to his liver again. Please keep him in your prayers.

This dampened my spirits and I felt so guilty celebrating my victory when he was waiting to discuss his uncertain future with the oncologist. As I was sharing my new found glory with them I saw the faces of all the patients sitting in the waiting room listening to my news, I could see the sadness in their eyes even though they were smiling with me, because their stories are very different to mine, my heart cried out to them because it didn’t feel like celebrating unless we could all celebrate together, we may not know each other but we share a very special friendship as we are all in the same boat and understand each other’s pain and suffering.

My oncologist said that my bloods are for the third week too low for chemo the neutrophils are 0.60 range is from 2.00-7.50 and my lymphocytes are 0.59 range 1.00-4.00 but what was good was that my platelets were 77 a week ago and now that have shot up to 243 range 150-450. I was worried that I may require a platelet transfusion but now that is not necessary.

As my body is taking strain big time with the chemo, the Dr is going to reduce the dose for a second time and he is giving me a two week break to give my body a chance to get stronger before we complete the next two cycles (4 chemo’s). Then we will do the PET scan to make sure that I am in remission, I will then go on maintenance of possibility 1 chemo p/annum.

Every time we have had good news Mark and I bought lovely chocolate cake for the oncology centre and today was no different; We celebrated in true chocolate cake style.

Spread the news! God is in the business of miracles!! Thank you for sharing my journey with me!!!!!

Lots of love and hugs


This Cancer Patient Testimony is a blessing.

More from the mother-in-law

I tell you, Chester, if ever there are two people in this world who live their lives according to their marriage vows, these two wonderful kids are a shining example of: “For better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health…” They have been to hell and back, and each setback has only served to strengthen the bond between them.

I hope this letter will serve as an inspiration to all out there who are suffering, and please feel free to distribute Connie’s breathtaking jump as far and wide as you want to encourage and illustrate to others that cancer CAN be conquered!

God bless, and my best wishes to your dearly beloved wife.


Thanks Connie, Mark and Julie for allowing this cancer patient testimony be a blessing to many. We continue to decree that the Lord will perfect that which He has started and that according to Jeremiah 30:17, may He heal all your wounds and restore you to health in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.