Bill Hollowell

by marcia wise
(coinjock, nc usa)

I was noitfied this eve that my dear neighbor next door, has spinal cancer. He is a good godly man, to his wife, Linda, and all the step children and grand children. I told him to keep his faith strong, and pray to God for healing. I am sending prayers up for him and all friends to put him on there prayer list. Bill has been good to me over the years and helped me several times, I am a senior and live alone. He and his family have been great comfort to me. He is always out doors working on something, he loves to be outside, I have hollered at him more than once to be careful, take it easy, take a break, and don't over do himself. He always smiles and says he is fine, and just keeps on going. So please say an extra prayer for him, he needs all our help, I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN

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