Asia Begum (Colon/liver cancer) from Bangladesh

by Lesley Jardine
(Cape town, South Africa)

Please pray for my fiance's sister inlaw Asaia Begum, 56 years of age was diagnosed with colon cancer which has now spread to the liver, she is undergoing an operation at this very moment, she is a mother of 5 and is yet to see her eldest and youngest son get married.She is a muslim woman and has a very good heart, she has raised my fiance to be the best man he could possibly be and takes care of the entire family as her husband is currently residing in London..
I pray that the Almighty and everlasting Lord will restore her back to her natural health and that every weapon of evil, hatred , jealousy, disease will not prosper against her.
I am yet to meet her when I marry her brother inlaw.
Please pray for her health and that God will work a wonderful miracle into her life and the lives of all those living with this hoorible disease which has taken over so many lives.

In the mighty name of Jesus


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