Archie Gromick (Esophageal Cancer) Sydney,Nova Scotia

by Ellen Gromick
(Nova Scotia,Canada)

My Dad was diagnosed the day after his and mom's 52nd anniversary..They've been together a long time and through alot of ROUGH times...We were pretty secure with the feeling that the tumor was only sitting within the middle of the esophagus and felt even better when he was scheduled to see a surgeon.
Unfortunately we had a very ignorant, egotistical individual who offered little help.Although the tumor is large, we are not giving up hope that with treatment, surgery will prevail.My dad is quite frail due to weight loss but we will do everything under the sun to try to retreive his strength in order to gain strength for treatment and possible surgery.I refuse to let the harsh words of this individual have my father set up for the worst. This man even suggested that the cancer may have spread to the brain, which is causing him to fall. He is 77 years old and weak as water..his memory and mind are better than mine sometimes and I'm 45...He has no headaches , dizziness , blurred vision ,slurring ,hoarsness,, etc..He is falling now and then because he has no strength !!!!!!I don't think this should have even been mentioned until a CAT Scan was scheduled and concluded. Due to this comment, my dad has become less responsive within a conversation pretty much thinking he is finished.
Whatever happened to bedside manner and actually being a " Human Being "
I pray each and every night that God will " FIX THIS MATTER AT HAND " as so many lives are being tormented.My Dad has NOT had an easy life by all means and I think he at least should receive the respect and dignity that is rightfully his.I love my Dad with all my heart and I will help him and mom get through this as a family for family is the greatest gift of all and where there's love, there's life...where there's life ,there's hope...
God Bless All And Let Our Prayer's Be Answered.

Ellen Gromick

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