Anne McNamee

I am asking for prayers for my AMAZING Mom, Anne McNamee. She was diagnosed with Stage 1 non small cell lung ca Sept.2009. Her prognosis was very promising with surgery and then 4 treatments of Chemotherapy suggested only because of the large size of the tumor. She did this all without a complaint. She goes every 3 months for her CT scans and check ups with her oncologist and Thorasic Surgeon and has been a picture of health ever since. There has been a change on her CT scan from 3 months ago showing "something" on her liver and we are all just SICK over the thought...She will be getting a PET Scan and MRI of the liver next week to further investigate..The Dr's are optimistic the results will be negative being that all work ups were fine a few short months ago. Mom is VERY religious and always has been so I ask..I beg that prayers and positive thoughts be sent her way the next couple of weeks while she undergoes these tests. We are hoping and praying for the best as well as she is TRULY one of THE most amazing women on the planet. A true angel in every sense of the word, so please, pray for her. She is the rock to my family and her grandchildren are EVERYTHING to her as she is everything to us. I don't care what prayers are sent, I just ask they are. Thank you. Heather Anderson

Prayer Team:

We are still with you and know that the Lord will continue to uphold and keep you. Please read Isaiah 41:10.
God be with you,
Br Chester

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