Allen Fulkerson (Pancreatic Cancer & Diverticulitis), Virginia, USA

by Diana

Allen has been a good and faithful servant at our church for many years. Many rely on him. He will be having a very large cancerous tumor removed on Monday, November 1, 2010. We are asking for a miracle from God that our brother will be cleansed of the cancer. It was like it came from nowhere - he had begun walking. However, very strong pains caused him to finally seek help in September 2010. Allen is also caretaker for his wife, Linda, that has severe Type I diabetes. She has had 3 pancreas transplants but her body caused them to be rejected. Linda is now being told that she is not qualified for another even though one had been found. Pray for Linda's health so that she will be strong.

Allen and Linda need prayers coming from everywhere and everyone. Church members are currently at their home prior to them leaving for the hospital. Please God, we look to heaven and beseach you to heal this family.

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