A very selfish prayer -- I have Stage IV Lung cancer

I am age 59 and without warning was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. I went to the Dr. 4 weeks ago thinking I had bronchitis -- and came out changed forever. Please pray that Jesus will take this cancer from me. In Jesus' name -- the cancer is gone within 6 months. Jesus has the power to remove this blight from me.

I have been of faith -- but as with many -- not a member of a church for many years. My Pastor retired and I just never found another place of comfort. I ask forgiveness of all my sins and once this cancer is gone -- I will go from church to church declaring it was Jesus who saved me -- no one else.

I am grateful for your prayers -- with all my heart.


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by: Chester

Dear B,

I shortened your name because I was not sure if you want your name on the site. I am very sorry for the diagnosis. However, I stand with you that this sickness be gone in Jesus Mighty Name,Amen.

Father in Jesus Mighty Name I destroy every spirit of infirmity and speak healing over B. By the stripes of Jesus Christ let it be gone totally. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ and speak wholeness in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

I speak the peace of God over you and I declare that God Almighty will comfort and keep you in Jesus Mighty Name,Amen.

Be blessed,

Pastor Chester

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