A Prayer for all Cancer patients on the list and arouud the globe

by Ann Delight white
(Detroit, Mi.)

Heavenly Father,I come to you now in the name of my Lord and Savoir Christ Jesus.I ask you to forgive me for anything that I have ever done or said according to John 14:14.I ask you to forgive me for any hard feelings I had toward anyone.Heavenly Father,I ask you to fill me with your love for every cancer person I pray for.I ask these things according to John 14:14.
Heavenly Father,I ask you to empower any medication,
supplement,vitamin,or herb that these cancer patiences are taking to do the work that You intended it to do.I pray that You will destroy and nullify any allergic reactions an/or adverse side effect that any medication, supplement,vitamin,herb,or combination of any of these things may cause in them.Lord Jesus,I ask you to destroy any adverse side effects of radiation treatments and chemotherapy treatments.Lord Jesus,I ask You to destroy any adverse side effects from any organ,any cell,any gland from their vision,sight,mind,and hearing;from any part of their body; and I ask You to do this according to John 14:13-14.Father give each one of them clairity of vision,clarity of thought,clarity of hearing and knowing Your voice.
Heavenly Father,I thank you that we have recieved from Jesus Christ the victory over all diseases,growth and tumors have no right to their bodies.They are delivered from the authority of darkness.
I command their blood cells to destroy every disease,germ and virus that tries to inhabit their bodies.I command every cell in their body to be normal in Jesus name Amen.
You all continue to pray and have faith, and trust Our Father.God does not want us to be sick.Keep your heads up and stay in prayer and I will continue to pray for all of you.
God Bless You All,
~ God's Delight ~

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