A new job that brings out the best of me and my soulmate :)

by A
(WB, Namibia)

Greetings in the Mighty name of Our Almighty God :)

My prayer request is for a new job that will bring out the best in me in every area,i have been working at a local college for years now but we are facing a lot of challenges and the job is no longer satisfying. I am really grateful that i still have a job to go to everyday and for all my blessings but i know God hears my prayers and hearts desires and wants me to excel in life. Also i would love to meet the person i'll share my whole life with, but i don't just want anyone i want someone that is God fearing and sent by God. I'm a 28 year old woman and would really love to get married and have a family :). I trust God in everything i do and i know He will make a way but will you please pray with me?

Thank you so much

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