a brother that won't stop irritating me.

This brother name is tony and says that he is a christian but he talks more than a woman no disrespect to woman he is constatntly trying to get me agitated then the pator says that he is a extension of him that means its okay to provoke me when the the word of god says not to provoke one another. there is still no hot water in the house this is 3 straight months with no hot water, my question is how much am i suppose to take. I am not a miserabel person by nature but being around these fools makes me so angry i try my best to do whats right and it still is not good enough i hear pastor thomas who is the prograam director whine to me about not working and his credentials on what his qualifications like i really care about that i think pastor bobo pastor thomas are scared of tony. he tells them something and they believe him i haven't had my food stamp card in over a week. it's little things that build up a thousand little things that they think is not a big deal i am low on minutes on my phone or else i would call the prayer line.long suffering is what i understand real well especially people trying to preach to be about what i should or shouldn't do at age 45 if i don't know what to do by now then i'm in trouble, 3 months no hot water a huge verbal fight between tony and myself and they say he is an extension of them i hope a miracle comes my way real soon in jesus name.

your brother from atlanta may God's peace rest on us eternally.

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