The Holy Spirit

From the Bible we find out that The Holy Spirit is:-

Our Helper

Our Comforter

Our Teacher

Our Guide

Our Counselor

Our Friend

Our Advocate

Our Intercessor

The Spirit of Truth

The Spirit of Christ

The Spirit of God

The Spirit of Grace & Supplication

The Eternal Spirit

The Spirit of Wisdom

The Spirit of Understanding

The Spirit of Knowledge

The Spirit of Truth

The Spirit of Counsel

The Spirit of Might

The Spirit of Power

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

The Breath of The Almighty

Jesus speaking to His disciples in the Book of John tells them that He will ask the Father to send them another Comforter who will remain with them forever (John14:16) He adds that this Comforter will teach them all things (John 14:26a). After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples and commanded them not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for the promise of the Father which He had spoken to them about (Acts 1:8). Jesus was referring to the Holy Ghost. The Wonderful Advocate.

The Promise of the Father - The Holy Spirit.