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Cancer Initiative - Vice President

Good Cancer News, a new Cancer Moonshot initiative to accelerate cancer research is being spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden.

The initiative is aimed at making more therapies available to more patients while at the same time improving the ability to prevent cancer and detect it at an very early stage. This for sure is great news.
This initiative is in-line with a perspective published in the New England Journal of Medicine "Aiming High — Changing the Trajectory for Cancer"

The Vice President Biden, in this initiative made it clear that he wants to take steps to ensure that all Americans, even those who have limited resources or live far from major cancer centers should have access to leading-edge cancer treatment, prevention, and screening approaches. The perspective in the New England Journal of Medicine was by Douglas R. Lowy, M.D., and Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.

Good News - Vice President - the New England Journal of Medicine

Good Cancer News as Medical Researchers Apply NASA Space Technology to

Good Cancer News - One Medical College researcher in particular, Harry T. Whelan, MD, Professor of Neurology, and Director of Hyperbaric Medicine (Pediatric Neurology), is borrowing technology developed for NASA and incorporating it into cancer treatments and therapies... Research

Vitamin C Injections Slow Tumor Growth in Mice

Good News : - High-dose injections of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, reduced tumor weight and growth rate by about 50 percent in mouse models of brain, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers, researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) report in the August 5, 2008, issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read the Research... Vitamins C Research

A Good gift

A gift of one million Hong Kong dollars. This is good cancer news. This money will allow a breast cancer trial, led by the University of Edinburgh, to roll out in China. The gift, from the W & E Davies Charitable Foundation, will help fund the Supremo trial. The trial will evaluate the effectiveness of radiotherapy for women who have had a mastectomy. Visit the Clinical trials Page.

Good News : Colon X-ray seen as effective at spotting cancer

A long-awaited federal study of an X-ray alternative to the dreaded colonoscopy confirms its effectiveness at spotting most cancers, although it was far from perfect. Read Article Read Article


Good News - Strawberries are the most effective berry for slowing the growth of colon and oral cancers, a recent study shows. Look at the article ... Berry Good News

Cancer Reduced by Daily Asprin

Studies of treatment with daily aspirin for 5 years or longer are showing that this leads to reduced subsequent risk of colorectal cancer. The study suggests that several lines of evidence show that aspirin might also reduce risk of other cancers, particularly of the gastrointestinal tract, however proof in man is lacking. See the report.... Good News

Good Cancer News

Good News - Princeton scientists discover mechanism involved in breast cancer's spread to bone

Good Cancer News from Princeton. Princeton University research team has unraveled a mystery about how these tumors take root. They have come up with the following.
One first has to understand that Cancer cells often travel throughout the body and cause new tumors in individuals with advanced breast cancer; a process called metastasis commonly resulting in malignant bone tumors.
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What the Princeton research has uncovered is the exact mechanism that lets the traveling tumor cells disrupt normal bone growth. By zeroing in on the molecules involved, and particularly a protein called "Jagged1" that sends destructive signals to cells, the research team has opened the door to drug therapies that could block this disruptive process. Doctors at other medical centers who have reviewed the research have found it promising.

Perjeta, the Roche Breast Cancer Drug

It has been reported that a new Roche breast cancer drug has benefits of extending lives in a clinical trial

Patients with breast cancer, HER2 positive, were given Perjeta on in addition to other medicines and chemotherapy lived 15.7 months longer than those who took Herceptin and chemotherapy alone. Perjeta, the Roche Breast Cancer Drug

Nearly half of all cancer deaths linked to preventable risk factors: study

A new study suggests that nearly half of the country’s cancers may be preventable through decisions we make every day.

Groundbreaking discovery could stop cancer spreading