Why focus on Finances?

Finances and financial planning is a very vital area that people need to focus on especially because sickness such as cancer comes without warning and ones need have this area in order as one prepares for tomorrows risks today.

Finances if well managed can lead to a peace of mind in stressful times. It is recommended that one starts as early as possible talking to a financial planner or an accountant to be able to give a take on what would be the best way forward in terms of investing and insuring one’s investments.

Some areas which affect your Finances

Auto Insurance

Many Auto Insurance companies exist in almost all countries. In the states, we have companies like Geico owned by Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway, All State, and State farm among many others. One will need to search for the one offering the best deal. A vital thing which one may need to ask the insurer or financial planner is the effect of increasing the deductibles which should have the effect of reducing the premium especially when one is hospitalized and not using the vehicle insured.

House insurance

As is the case of Auto so is Home Insurance. Many times, at the time of underwriting of the mortgage, the underwriting company may use an expensive insurer and one needs to ask the planner to look at what savings would be accrued if all your insurances were consolidated in one insurance company.

Additional points of discussion with your planner.

Debt Consolidation – One needs to get information from the planner what would be entailed and what savings can be achieved if ones debt is consolidated.

Free credit Report – Especially when one is admitted, one also needs to be clear that no one is doing anything on your behalf without your consent. Your financial planner or accountant or investment advisor can help you look at the credit report and advise you accordingly.

Life Insurance– Do you need life insurance? Will it be beneficial to your spouse or your dependants? These are some of the questions that one needs to discuss as they relate to the whole picture of financial planning.

Other areas that one needs to be cautious on are Loans especially the Quick loans or Day Loans and the Debit Cards. Before signing up for new cards beware of the traps and you can give your planner the task to check out which is the best in terms of rates and conditions.

Many people who write to the site need help in this area. Many write in relation to loosing their jobs, not being able to cover their medical bills, and some are just looking for advise. This is our way of giving general guidance as particular guidance will be achieved by visiting your own planner. We will pray however that the Holy Spirit, the BEST PLANNER reveals to you ever money secret, investment secret and even grant you treasures of hidden places. Our prayer is that the mind of Christ be in you as you plan the details concerning your life.